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03 di pasir mas - Google Blog Search

03 di pasir mas - Google Blog Search

Nasi Air (Bubur nasi) special <b>di Pasir Mas</b> – updates… | cikjoi&#39;s Blog

Posted: 10 Sep 2013 01:37 AM PDT

There's this restaurant at Pasir Mas, Kelantan which served nasi air (bubur nasi) from noon to evening or until it sold out – I was told as early as 4pm… I really like the nasi air. Selalunya nasi air di Kelantan will be served with soup (separately or with soup poured into the nasi air); but this particular nasi air dont have soup as part of it's condiment/element. This is like the bubur nasi yang biasa dimakan di Pantai Barat – more like Chinese congee served in hotels for breakfast.

What I like about it is that the flavour is near perfect… buburnya memang berperisa, rencah atau condiment yang dicampur only enhanced the taste, flavour & texture. Makan as it is served dah sedap.. although they do have some cili in kicap and chilli flakes for added spicyness. Sedap la… Aku sanggup pegi sorang2 makan & tapau bawak balik lagi… hehe..


The name – Restoran Kelantan Thai. Location? Just before Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD), Pasir Mas – on your right. Ada 7-E jugak berdekatan.  It's easy to miss if you're not carefull. No pictures of the front of the restaurant tho…. Asyik terlupa nak amik gambar depan restoran ni…. Next time I will update with a photo … Close on Friday. Open before noon. Regular customers are actually the school kids..!! Budak2 sekolah rendah & menengah nearby… Itu yang pique my curiosity & made me order it the first time… I'm hooked ever since…

Upate: Here's a photo of the restaurant:


Restoran ni also served other hot dishes ala carte like tom yam, lauk-pauk & makanan goreng. Sedap juga lain-lain pon… I like their kerabu sotong… lembut sotongnya dan flavorful too.  But I usually only come for the nasi air/bubur.

Update: Here's a photo of other dishes there – udang goreng tepung… crispy thin crust on the outside and juicy on the inside. Nicee….



Yang gambar ni nasi air special. Ada tambahan udang, sotong & perfectly poached egg..!! Regular nasi air contains shredded chicken & ikan bilis. Price? Okay..special price for the regular customers – the school kids – only RM2.50. Regular nasi air – only RM3.00. And the special nasi air that I always ordered? Only RM4.00.

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